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Spring Cleaning the Kondo Way
2 Years After TIDYING -Spring Cleaning 2018!
Real Tips for Getting Ready for College
The Bi-polar Experience - When to Get Help
When to Seek Help from a Professional


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Spring Cleaning the Kondo Way

Are you interested in Marie Kondo's strategy and process of "Tidying" ?   

I'm going to present my edited way of beginning the process and add my personal experiences and tips,  some are not in her book - but helped me achieve the ongoing results that I appreciate every day.  

Her first step is NOT cleaning - tidying - tossing - or minimizing - its research!!

I'm going to add my secret - I complemented the process with my Smart Phone APP - by Joseph Clough - who provides hypnosis applications.

2 Years After TIDYING -Spring Cleaning 2018!

For those of you who tend to be inspired to 'Spring Clean' when the weather warms up this share is for you.

I will also encourage you to read my other Blog entries about "Tidying" - that I posted as I went through the process 2 years ago - and bear with me if I repeat myself.   

If you have not heard of this book and its principals and strategies- this is the book and author it is based on.    I cannot repeat or express enough that going through the entire process is truly life changing.

Real Tips for Getting Ready for College

Are you anxious yet excited about starting college??  

 Having been through the experience of leaving home to attend college 8 hours from home I understand the anxiety that comes with the project.  Now as an experienced counselor I see how stressful it is and want to offer some specific tips that will help you get through the first year.

·        Spend the Summer READING– you can do it on your phone, use ‘real’ books or google on amazon or local library to get more versed in the subjects you will

The Bi-polar Experience - When to Get Help

Low Risk / Symptoms Present
Loss of sleep
Not able to sleep 24 hours
Staying up and out late despite other responsibilities
Not able to sleep 2-3 days
Feel and stating they feel ‘wired’
Irritability is obvious to others, may include verbal abuse
Irritability is inappropriate – now angry and violent.

Desire to be impulsive:
Using drugs –more of legal or illegal
Speeding/ Reckless driving
Sexual acting out

Medium Risk/ Symptoms Obvious:
Following through with impulsive thoughts:

When to Seek Help from a Professional

 You should get evaluated by a professional if you've hadfive or more of the following symptoms for more than two weeks or if any of these symptoms cause such a big change that you can't keep up your usual routine.....
When You're Depressed...
  • You feel sad or cry a lot and it doesn't go away.
  • You feel guilty for no reason; you feel like you're no good; you've lost your confidence.
  • Life seems meaningless or like nothing good is ever going to happen again. You have a negative attitude a lot of the time, or it seems like you have no feelings.

What to Do This Summer

First put down your phone.    Really.  

Anyone born before the 80's knows that you really can have a summer without having a phone attached to your ear or palm.   We survived.  We had to be creative!   We also survived all those 'horrific' events of bug bites, poison ivy, seeing snakes, catching frogs, trips in the back of station wagon or pick up truck, discovering swimming holes, learning how to dive into mucky waters, card games, board games, Jarts(!), Kick the Can, numerous bikes (without motors), dragging our butts home bleeding from falls, jumps, and dares where a bunch of bandages, grilled cheese and tomato soup cured the pain .

Best Book about Refugees in USA

One of my life's best pleasures or joys is reading.  That pleasure is made visible every month I have been leading the way at the Frackville Free Public Library since 2003.  We have ventured to read more than 120 books since we started.  That's a lot of books, Especially when you hear the statistic that 40% of the country has not read a book in the last year, many have not since high school!   Less than 17% even go into a book store and I can bet its even lower for walking into a library these days!

What to Do if You Need Pain Management and Have Addiction History

Our country is in the midst of an epidemic of Heroin addiction and deaths by overdose.  As many as 80% claim they started by using prescribed opioid medications for seemingly 'normal' life eventsrequiring pain management: teeth extractions, sports injuries, accidents involving injuries, surgeries, child birth, cancer, and/or cosmetic/ re constructive surgeries.   Physicians often prescribed them for increasingly lower level painful events - because they wanted their patients to be 'comfortable' and insurance companies often paid for the prescription that was reported as 'effective'.

Do You Have Trouble Asking For Help?

Do you have trouble asking for help?

Do you perceive asking for help as a sign of weakness?

Do you know how to get help when you can't sleep, haven't slept, seem to cry 'all the time', feel emotionally fragile or vulnerable to the slightest statements, even those not directed to you directly?  

Have you 'copped an attitude'? - that is either expressed in reactive anger at just about anything or apathetic or not caring about people, work or things you used to?

Are you feeling physically anxious

How to Get Heroin Out of Your Community

Is your home, neighborhood, town, borough, county or state dealing with the surge or epidemic of heroin addiction?  
I doubt your answer is 'no'. 
We're all seeing it, hearing about it, experiencing it or have dealt with the collateral damages of it.  
I've been hearing about it directly from the addicts themselves, their mothers and fathers, their siblings, peers, professionals along with reading anything I had time to read.   I recently got a chance to readChasing the Scream 
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