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The Private Counseling Practice You Can Trust

Budget-Friendly Mental Health Counseling and Education

Thank you for visiting the official website of Karen Kehler MA, MSHA Counseling Services in Frackville, Pennsylvania. I hope you find all of the information you need to make a great decision about getting the services of a counseling professional. More often than not, it is a difficult place to be, especially when you realize that you may need one.

However, consider how you don’t hesitate to call a lawyer, accountant, or medical doctor when you have to handle something that you are not educated or experienced with. Calling a counselor is actually the same. You receive solutions, strategies, and new ways to think about the issues that keep your life from moving forward and help you feel confident and enjoy relationships.

My Practice Is Truly Private

I don’t have a staff, receptionist, or office people peering into files or answering phones. No one is possibly related or living next door. I don’t have a large waiting room with others waiting who you may recognize or feel uncomfortable around.

I will give you my full attention, and your personal information will never be shared with other professionals such as insurance company employees, employers, or courtrooms unless you specifically allow it. Your case won’t be discussed in multiple staff meetings (given the risk that you know them). If your issues are more challenging than I can handle, I’ll make sure you are referred to an appropriate level of care.

Stress Management

Anxiety Reduction Strategies

Depression Management and Support

My Commitment

I went into private practice counseling because I wanted to offer what I didn’t see available: good solid, supportive, educational counseling that clients could afford and see results and positive changes quickly. I have worked in the field of addictions for more than 20 years, and I am trained in:

  • Solution-Based Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Impact Therapy

To you, that means I know what works for many. I have helped hundreds leave feeling successful, confident, and freed from some of their worst “enemies,” as we worked to improve communication and manage anger, stress, symptoms, and relationships. 

I work from the theory that when a person is “drowning,” they don’t want to be observed; they want a life preserver. From the first session, I make sure my clients leave feeling relieved and empowered, (not more emotionally fragile than when they started). I give specific strategies that can be applied immediately.

My clients return because they see improvement quickly and want to learn more. They also enjoy the encouragement, positive reinforcement, and accountability that counseling brings.

My Services

Education and Support

Life Skills and Transitions

Grief Support

Call Today! The Quality of Your Life Will Benefit

To get in touch with me, you can either leave a message or email me (if I don’t answer). I am the only one who answers the phone in my practice, and I don’t answer when I’m in a session. 

Karen Kehler MA, MSHA Counseling Services

Phone: 570-640-9026


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