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KETO Success!
NETFLIX - Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" Series
Life in Keto Land
PINTEREST and Weight Management
Weight Loss Journey - for those over 50.


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KETO Success!

I'm almost there!  
I allowed one full year -I'm 4 months away - and have dropped 5 dress sizes!   I'm OUT of 'Plus size'!     I'm wearing 'average' size Jeans -with the challenge of needing 'Long' - 36" inseams!   My waist is now 33" - so I'm back in the healthy range of BMI too.
My annual Wellness exam is next month - I'll report those numbers when I get them.  I did this without a scale!   I decided that I tend to obsess and get negative if I don't see losses - so I've used a tape measure instead.

NETFLIX - Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" Series

What a way to start off a NEW year!  
 After dealing with the reality of 2018 - seeing Netflix created a series featuring Marie Kondo and her 'life changing' method of 'tidying up' - I was excited.  
I will start with the fact that (if you didn't read any of my Blog entries of my 2015 experience of going through her process) I already completed her entire process - every single category in my home was covered.   Believe me, I was a skeptic - in the beginning of her book she claims that using her system will result in long term change - and you will NOT go back to your old habits.

Life in Keto Land

Soooooo. I don't know if you're curious or not - I haven't posted in a long time - because VIstaprint was disordered or dysfunctional - and I am still waiting for them to tell me it's 'fixed'. . . 
I am STILL FOLLOWING THE KETO WAY OF EATING.  I have dropped almost 3 full dress sizes.  
In fact I am so committed to it now that I feel like I forgot how I used to eat - graze - and fill up on lots of empty carbs.    I really thought that I would miss my food groups: pasta, pizza and popcorn - but I DO NOT AT ALL.

PINTEREST and Weight Management

I recently fell into the Pinterest  vacuum!  

I find it so much more refreshing and personalized than the stale news feed of Facebook!   I can only handle so much 'hating' or hundreds of wedding - baby - travel photos by posters.  Sorry but I can't 'do' much of any of that so I needed a diversion.  

On May 1st, I decided to get REALLY serious about losing weight.  Although I had not gained more than 5 pounds in more than 5 years (must have figured out how in/out to do that).

Weight Loss Journey - for those over 50.

This is going to be the start of regular entries on my personal experience of attempting to lose50 POUNDS.  
I  will share that I have done this once beforeI'm repeating my pattern - my last intense weight loss program was the year before my 50th Birthday - when the light bulb moment happened and I became determined to take off my extra weight.   
I was hellbent and determined and that is what I knew I needed to do for this round.
My warning is that if you are NOT - then wait until you are - losing 50+ pounds required sustained focus, perseverance, and making a LOT of minute to minute decisions and choices you may not have the ability to do because your life is filled with 1000 other stresses and issues.

8 Ways to Survive Financially Lean Times

This is a share that I have been living through.   I know the anxiety, pressure and shame of not having 'enough'.   I know the frustration of having to say 'no' to almost everything.   I know the way to make bad decisions about money.  I know how quickly the best of budgets can be blindsided by external forces that magnify a stressful situation into a dark hole of hopelessness.  
I also know the satisfaction of getting yet another debt paid, feeling proud of handling the insecurities related to financial management and being compassionate about those who struggle daily to simply survive.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

25 years ago I made the decision to become a Mental Health Counselor.  It was encouraged by a Pastor who saw me working with a couple dozen "Alley Kids" and my own statement of 'its sad that I enjoy what I do for free more than what I do for pay'.    Several of those kids had real mental health 'issues'  -most just assumed they were the 'bad' kids.    I intuitively knew different.
Since then - 1995 - I have been in the trenches of mental illness, addiction, grieving, community tragedies, headline events and the real stories that many don't know, won't know and can't know.


I've been on a kick to "Tidy" - the principal of it is to organize your home bycategory.   
Please make one category every single medication, vitamin, supplement, diet pills, OTC medications.   

Having been on the front line of this horrific drug epidemic that has taken the lives of people I know and left behind even more grieving I know.  I can't emphasize enough to remove any 'extra' drugs that you don't need or are not prescribed to you.  This is not just a teen problem -adults steal medications too!

Spring Cleaning the Kondo Way

Are you interested in Marie Kondo's strategy and process of "Tidying" ?   

I'm going to present my edited way of beginning the process and add my personal experiences and tips,  some are not in her book - but helped me achieve the ongoing results that I appreciate every day.  

Her first step is NOT cleaning - tidying - tossing - or minimizing - its research!!

I'm going to add my secret - I complemented the process with my Smart Phone APP - by Joseph Clough - who provides hypnosis applications.

2 Years After TIDYING -Spring Cleaning 2018!

For those of you who tend to be inspired to 'Spring Clean' when the weather warms up this share is for you.

I will also encourage you to read my other Blog entries about "Tidying" - that I posted as I went through the process 2 years ago - and bear with me if I repeat myself.   

If you have not heard of this book and its principals and strategies- this is the book and author it is based on.    I cannot repeat or express enough that going through the entire process is truly life changing.
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