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When You Receive News That Stuns

I feel compelled to share this blog: When You Receive News that Stuns  - please click on the link - its a clear sharing of those 'life moments' when we get that dreaded phone call, news, text, email that we know has and will change our lives forever.    

The news doesn't even have to be a death.   It can be that you received a serious diagnosis from a physician, a friend has betrayed you with infidelity, a loved one is seriously injured or incarcerated, a job is terminated, a duty to service is called, a fire or natural disaster has destroyed a home.   

I agree with the poster - prayer can be helpful but when you're in shock it doesn't always feel productive.   I appreciate the writer's distinguished difference that its having faith -  that is most important.   That faith doesn't have to be in just prayer -  it can be in the family and friends who are physically present, emotionally supportive, and take action in their own personal ways to participate in the event.  It can be how they refer, guide, advise, comfort with visits, phone calls, phone numbers, referrals, names and 'what to do' because of their own experiences.  Some may find this annoying and feel like an invasion -understand that their intention is to be helpful.  Faith  an also be extended to the professionals involved and needed in the event - have faith that they are trained, drilled, educated, and experienced in the type of event you are facing.   

Often 'stunning' news can involve professions that we don't normally deal with - insurance companies, legal staff, media, criminal investigations, court systems, major hospital systems, non-profit organizations/fund raisers, medical and mental health professionals, housing agents, contractors and banking/ financial agents.   Just navigating through these 'systems' can be overwhelming not only because we usually don't have lots of experience with them - but they are in fact large, complicated and staffed with numerous levels of staff.   Start by understanding that fact - that you don't know their 'system' - so they expect that you don't have the answers and need help to navigate through their system.    So ask for help - that's WHY they want to be in their chosen profession.    

So when you're stunned - allow faith in action  we're out here to show you that your prayers are working.  

Karen Kehler  MA, MSHA

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CarrolGarris on Friday, April 27, 2018 7:57 AM
Informative post
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