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Women in Transition: How Tidying Can Help!

I'm going to encourage anyone, not just women, but men as well, to read through this book and then offer individual counseling to help guide through the process.   It is that profoundly 'life changing.'   

Having a professional counselor in place as you begin the actual process can be even more effective for the same reason I hired a personal trainer.  Having a person you have to report to, get positive feedback from, share with as well as motivate and encourage when you hit slumps is going to make your personal experience even more meaningful.   

Having weekly or bi-weekly 'check ins' you can share not just your own 'before and after' photos - but also the insights, memories, conflicts, relief and enthusiasm with someone who really understands what you are going through.  I can already see where people who don't read the book and actually do it will NOT get it.   
Those who don't 'get it' - will make comments like:
  • "Why aren't you selling that 'stuff' and making money?"
  • "I can't believe you didn't give that 'stuff' to your kids, neighbors, the church. . . '
  • "How can you toss out that?" 
  • "Don't you know that's worth a fortune on EBay??"
  • "But you have room to keep it - you have a basement, attic, garage, walk-in closets". . . 
  • "I went to ____ and got a whole bunch of Totes, baskets, containers, shelving . . . just for this!"
  • "You mean you didn't get rid of your collection (Hoarding)  of . . . ??"  

I can't even count how many women I work with who have hit a transitional period in their lives.  Men too, when parents pass away, best friends die or face terminal illnesses, when kids go off to their own lives, when an affair rocks a marriage, when a life threatening accident or disease makes life suddenly more important.     Some are struggling through the 'disaster' of what is left behind by parents.  Their mountains.  Huge piles, racks, shelving units filled with their parent's treasures that they don't know what to do with. . .  Piles of clothing given to them by siblings.  
  •  Sudden widowhood - where and when life stopped - often for years - then begins to reveal how much 'stuff' needs to be moved, removed or passed on . . .  
  •  Empty Nesting and Retiring- when the house suddenly changes - either with 'too much of their stuff', too quiet, or now sharing spaces 24/ 7 . . . 
  • Divorcing and Downsizing - whether forced or not - moving from a 'McMansion' (sorry  but there's a lot of them) - to the affordable - that makes a lot of sense and realistic - but what do you bring??   
  • Starting a RECOVERY based lifestyle - where 'people-places-things' must change. . . 
If you are struggling with this life reality check - give me a call. This is a very interesting process that truly helps a person embrace their UNIQUE loves, their own JOY, their future desires that embrace their own well being - not the noise, judgment, or opinion of others.   Give me a call today if you would like an educated cheerleader through this demanding phase of life.   I have been through it, I am going through it, I can help every step of the way.   I will work out a financial plan to make it affordable as well - it is THAT important.   
Email is the best method - karenkehler@ptd.net  
 I coordinate via emails and texts once a relationship is established.  

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