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Warning to Kondo Readers!

There may be 3 people reading this but for those of you 'following' my journey through the "Kondo" process PLEASE READ THE WHOLE BOOK!!  It's less than 200 pages!

I'm reinforcing that because I just spent the morning watching YouTube videos to see what and how others are doing it and its crazy how most of the women doing it aren't following the actual book and the author's method.  The point of the title is 'life changing magic of tidying'.  The magic is in the results of HER method!  

If you are focused on minimizing, tossing, organizing, or 'putting away' you aren't 'getting it'.  I also watched the Today Show version and they had it distorted as well.   They used the words 'eliminate all your clutter' and also focused on gratitude - but even that isn't the core of the method.   I will agree that the experience of gratitude is significant - and even proven with brain scans to improve function in the pleasure centers of the brain- helping to reduce depression BUT this method is even more than that.   

Again, this process is not about 'organizing stuff' - it is about editing your life so that as much as possible in it is about JOY.  It is about surrounding yourself with objects, experiences, people, views, scents, and touch that brings YOU - and specifically YOU - a sense of calm, peace, serenity, and a sense of knowing and contentment,   Once you surround yourself with that -you can then reflect. . .and the process encourages reflection - and why I encourage journaling!  

What I'm watching is actually humorous -and you have to have at least 30 years - if not 50(!) to really 'get it'.   When a young mother or 20 something goes through this -if she hasn't established WHO she is (most don't at that age) - they will focus on the 'stuff' - yes they may 'toss' and realize the amount -volumes -mountains of 'stuff' they have accumulated but they will focus on how it is arranged rather than how it reflects themselves.   

The arrangement comes after the decisions are made - you should only be arranging items that are satisfying, useful, joy filled to YOU.  Not your family, friends or a video or selfie!!   It isn't even about counting what you reduced to - that's a by product.  Its about keeping what gives you satisfaction and removing what doesn't.   The final arrangement is then based on every single item kept having a PLACE.  Every category is stored in ONE PLACE.  That is the core element of the magic.  If you watch the wrong videos - they will even comment about putting categories in multiple places 'for convenience' - and you can tell immediately that they DID NOT READ THE BOOK!   The sense of calm - the reduction of stress -and believe me - it is MEASURABLE -is the ONE PLACE!!   If you follow her principle and that it is - it really works!!   I can't stress this enough.     Every single category -yes you can break them down into smaller categories - goes in a SINGLE place.   That is where you may need to reorganize -as you change the size of the storage of it.  Try it though - I already wrote about the 'battery experience' - but it works for every single category!   

The reason her method works and is magical - is that when every single item that you decided to keep has a PLACE - there is no 'straightening' - you JUST PUT IT BACK IN ITS PLACE!   The simplicity is profound.   I can see 'sloppy' people finding this absolutely life changing.   ONE place for each category-then item-  is the secret.  It is also WHY putting clothing in color order is important!   

So I did 'coats/jackets' today.  They are something that I truly value, feel good in and was taught as important for first impressions.   I had more than 50.  Now I have 40 in ONE closet (not 2 plus racks and backs of chairs. . . ).  I will donate 3 and reassigned 8 to my 'active' or 'suits' area.  I decided that leather coats are my real JOY - having more than a dozen!   They are also the 'go to' coat in the ever changing weather of Pennsylvania! 

Enough for today - I'm going to get to the 'bins' to donate my week of 'editing' - and get out for a long walk at my favorite nearby location - Locust Lake, State Park.  I'm hoping to see the Bald Eagles and Osprey again.  Sadly that didn't happen - it looked like it was going to pour 'any minute' so we didn't go - couldn't go on the Bike either. . .   Managed to get some shopping done - bought uniform boxes to put books in for the NEXT category!   That is going to be my real challenge.   What to do with those I 'let go'!  


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Warning to Kondo Readers!
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