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#2 Life changing Tidying -Magic Weapon

I have to add this share as one of the elements that may have been another secret weapon in my successful journey through Marie Kondo's Tidying processhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1607747308?

At the same time I discovered her book I also decided to try out smart phone Apps for Hypnosis.   I had been trained to conduct hypnosis but had always been skeptical, especially knowing that if you were clearly resistant to it - it wouldn't 'work' anyway.   I also witnessed a crazy 'entertainment' style production and was forever scared of trying it for fear of doing something really crazy without being 'in control.'    When I started hearing about the new "Apps" for cell phones for relaxation, motivation, weight loss, anxiety and depression I started to explore them and use them.   

There are two reasons I tried this approach: first - an application would allow absolute consistency of the messages and process, something that even if you paid to go to an 'expert' you would have obvious variables.   Listening to a constructed script repeatedly improves the effectiveness.  Secondly, cost.  Many are free to download and even those that you pay for are more often than not under $5!    Experts too often charge hundreds and you have to repeat sessions or invest in their CD to get consistency.  No thanks.  

Initially, I tried Joseph Clough at  http://josephclough.com/  - he has apps for both Iphone and Android, Kindle Fire, as well as Facebook presence and webcasts for almost daily inspiration.  He is British so he does speak with an accent. Some may be bothered by that - I wasn't.    When you install his app - you will see that he has hundreds of free motivational 'shares' that include education about why hypnosis works  as well as some that include the procedures to work through trauma, grief and anxiety by using what my field and training calls 'neurolinquistic programming.'    The infamous Tony Robbins motivational speaker uses these techniques as well.  They are effective.  I have been both trained and used them and can attest to their effectiveness.   They help shift traumatic memories away from our emotional connection reducing the negative affect of post traumatic stress syndrome. 
He also has a book: Unlock Your Potential. 

I tried "Procrastination" first - knowing that that was one of my 'issues'.   All I did was download the app, then listened to it each night as I was falling asleep.  That's it.   We all know how procrastination 'works' - you have a long list of why you 'can't do it now' in your thinking.  You can quickly name and use an endless list of very rational reasons to NOT do whatever you're trying to do- too hot, too cold, too expensive, no time, not the right time, need help, too heavy, too hard, too whatever . . . you know you're probably an expert too. . . 

Well about 3 days later I noticed that I was 'just doing' - I was moving from one task, errand, project, activity or requirement without any hesitation.  NONE.  It is very subtle.  I continued listening every night for a month and since then (4-2015) I have never been more productive.   When you don't have all the resistance, challenges or excuses in the way - its amazing what you can accomplish in a day!   That sense of accomplishment then fuels excellent self-esteem as you finish each day with a sense of peace, pride and even gratitude because you really did get a lot done!   

Then I discovered that Joseph Clough has a "Tidying" hypnosis App.  So I shifted that one and it must have also helped with removing all the hurtles, roadblocks, excuses and delays that I otherwise would've fought against to get through the entire process.  If the procrastination 'tape' works -this had to!    
So as make your own journey through Marie Kondo's book - try this as well - it will add to the pleasure of actually doing it!  


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Mike on Friday, March 11, 2016 4:47 AM
Well it seems really great
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photo grid on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 6:20 AM
Wow. This magic weapon seems really good. The thing is it's one own-self who decides if they want to change their lives or not.
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iphone apps development on Saturday, May 14, 2016 8:13 AM
I personally use them exclusively high-quality elements : you will notice these folks during:
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