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Spring Cleaning the Kondo Way

Are you interested in Marie Kondo's strategy and process of "Tidying" ?   

I'm going to present my edited way of beginning the process and add my personal experiences and tips,  some are not in her book - but helped me achieve the ongoing results that I appreciate every day.  

Her first step is NOT cleaning - tidying - tossing - or minimizing - its research!!

I'm going to add my secret - I complemented the process with my Smart Phone APP - by Joseph Clough - who provides hypnosis applications.    This may sound absurd but personally I was coming off my usual seasonal slump and needed and wanted motivation.   I discovered that listening to hypnosis pod casts really helped more than I thought possible.   Admittedly, I was cynical.   I started with listening to his tape on "Procrastination"  (search APP Store - for his name - then in the APP are hundreds of choices- Procrastination - Motivation were my starters - the change is very subtle - it removes the resistance to NOT do activities.  When you remove all the excuses - you just 'do it'.   He also has one specifically titled "Tidying" - I switched to that one 2 weeks before I began the physical work of the process. 

You can skip that step if you don't have an issue with procrastination -or  skeptical of hypnosis.  

The research step is easy and enjoyable.   I absolutely recommend the website/App called "HOUZZ" - it is an incredible site for anything 'house.'    On the front page you will see that it has millions of magnificent photos of all kinds of homes - interiors and exteriors - that on the left side you can filter by region of the country, style, colors, specific rooms, price ranges and in each photo you can also get designer names, contacts, and where to buy everything in the photo.     Just browsing is enjoyable - you can see instantly - the differences between styles, regions and rooms that should inspire you - but take the time to look at several styles - when you see specific photos that evoke emotional responses - SAVE THE PHOTO in their site.  You can print them out - but its easier to create a file and save them.   I saved hundreds!    

Take time through this step and enjoy the process and inspiration It's like getting a thousand home decorating magazines delivered at once -or a review of every Home Show you have watched.   If you never spent money on Home magazines you will probably be surprised by the variety, beauty, and wide range of visual candy they offer.     You don't have to wait for the next month's ideas - this site has millions of ideas and inspiring scenes.  

Allow yourself to be inspired.    You will know what you love by just looking at one photo compared to another.   Some will make you feel calm, serene,  and comfortable while others will feel cluttered, noisy, interesting, sexy, dull, imaginative, even overwhelming.     This file box will be your template as you move through the process.    You will developing a PERSONAL style that is unique to YOU - not what 'sells' or what your parents, friends, or neighbors may want or even envy - this time you will be creating a home that inspires YOU.  

Once you have a more solid idea of what type of style you want - then as you go through the next steps you will find it much easier to let go of what no longer 'fits' into your personalized choices.

I'm also going to add another step for those who are 'fashionistas' - as you probably have 10x more clothing than any human 'needs'.    Do the same process with Pintrest or your favorite fashion blogs - magazines  - just like with the home interior photos - you probably have a fashion style that you feel the most 'you' in - whether its classic, feminine, sporty, preppy, whimsical, high fashion,  or lots of bling - you know it when you see it.     Create a 'file' with what fashion photos inspire you, that again, evoke an emotional response that is positive and speaks to the real you.     This will help you 'edit' later.   

If you have another category that inspires you, that you consider a precious investment or can't imagine living without - use the resources you use to shop, obtain and determine value to create a vision of what you want to display, maintain, protect and keep.    Again, doing this in advance will help sort later.    

Begin considering HOW you spend or waste your time now. 
Is your life demonstrating that you value what you really love?  
 Are you wasting time cleaning, maintaining, insuring, and or storing categories of items you have lost interest in?  Stopped enjoying? 
  or the opposite - spending a lot of time on activities and items that don't give you 'Joy' or money on storage that leave you no room for what you do enjoy?leaving no time to do what does?    

This step is when you begin the process of creating an environment that reflects your authentic self - you begin to understand how simple decisions begin to give both an internalized as well as external experience of being 'true to yourself' - not just what 'looks good to others'.    

If it gives you JOY - you will be KEEPING IT.   It doesn't matter to anyone else how many, what it is, what it looks like -  if having it, using it, seeing it makes you feel positive, energized, serene, and joy filled - you will be not only keeping it - but demonstrating its value by securing its place, displaying it, and enjoying the sight of it everyday.   

When you feel more confident about what elements you want to have at the end of the process - it will be time to move to the next step.   

Here are links to the sites I noted:  https://www.houzz.com 


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John rhrhr on Friday, April 27, 2018 11:50 AM
Great Working.
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