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Life in Keto Land

Soooooo. I don't know if you're curious or not - I haven't posted in a long time - because VIstaprint was disordered or dysfunctional - and I am still waiting for them to tell me it's 'fixed'. . . 
I am STILL FOLLOWING THE KETO WAY OF EATING.  I have dropped almost 3 full dress sizes.  
In fact I am so committed to it now that I feel like I forgot how I used to eat - graze - and fill up on lots of empty carbs.    I really thought that I would miss my food groups: pasta, pizza and popcorn - but I DO NOT AT ALL.   

I gave a tease about using Bullet Journals in my previous post.   When I started this new way of eating and the desire to lose a significant amount of weight, I knew that I needed something to hold me accountable.  Some way to track - reward - measure - to keep me going, especially on those days when I may have extra stress, more limited options, temptations and want to give up or in.  Many find the group experience their way.  Having weekly 'weigh ins' with an audience to applaud efforts and coach through struggles.   Admittedly, the last thing I wanted was a group experience.  I'm the same with working out.   I prefer being on my own.   Buttttt. . . I did add myself into some Facebook Keto groups and that's my next blog. . . 

So in my digging around on Pinterest - I kept seeing "Bullet Journals" - and had no clue what they were.    So I 'pinned' and discovered that they are visual journals - or 'life in pixels' - that combine tracking, life goals, gratitude lists, planners, bucket lists, mood tracking, weight loss, achievement goals into a visual experience using boxes, beautiful and creative imagery, codes, symbols, colors and doodles.    I used to be really artistic and this sounded like a perfect way to combine my love of art with the need to be held accountable.   I could document my journey in an artistic way.   It was something like scrap booking but I didn't need photos of family or kids I don't have.   

So in my excitement of this GREAT IDEA - and I couldn't even wait for Amazon Prime to deliver in 2 days - I downloaded coupons to Michael's Craft Store and headed out on a dreary Saturday morning.   

I assumed they would have the basics:  Leather Journal, Colored pens/markers, colored pencils.  EASY.   

Well was I in for a surprise!   Apparently this concept has taken off - and not only did they have more varieties of journals than I could count - but the store was loaded with a ridiculous amount of over-priced stickers, ribbons, stencils, rulers, markers, glitter pens, sparkle tape, collections of colored pens and or pencils.   IT WAS INSANE.   You could choose from 'structured' journals that had prescribed 'prompts' and beautiful artistic pages or get a $5 leather bound journal with the prescribed bullet journal dots.  (Lines are for Word Journals).    Needless to say I was overwhelmed at the choices, used my coupons and set off to create my Weight Loss Bullet Journal.  
I stopped at my local Big Lots - and they had many of the similar items at much cheaper prices!!!   Lesson learned.   I will also add that Walmart has a great collection as well - same brands as Michael's too!   But I kept my selection. . . 
and I started my project . . . 
and worked on it non-stop until 3am!!    It was so enjoyable to just create all kinds of tracking tools, a gratitude section, quotes, lists, activities, goals and wishes.  I got completely lost in the process!     
I started 2 different types:  Weight Loss /Way of Eating and a Life Journal - with general yet personal activities I want to stay in touch with.     
They definitely have become a 'go to' place to track how I'm staying within the Keto guidelines and I'm also adding all the hundreds of tips, ideas, recipes, and information that will help me stay within the framework of the program.    

So if you want to lose weight and need to deal with the length of time it will take - average weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week after initial water loss - realistically it may take a year to get it off - this is another strategy to make it possible.   

If you're interested in having a counselor/coach through your own personal weight loss or life challenges, please contact me.   Over-eating usually has emotional foundations that if not addressed are too often a set up for failure. 
 Are you living to eat or eating to live??  
Contact me today!   email: kehler1@gmail. com ,  karenkehler@ptd.net and lets get started!  


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