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PINTEREST and Weight Management

I recently fell into the Pinterest  vacuum!  

I find it so much more refreshing and personalized than the stale news feed of Facebook!   I can only handle so much 'hating' or hundreds of wedding - baby - travel photos by posters.  Sorry but I can't 'do' much of any of that so I needed a diversion.  

On May 1st, I decided to get REALLY serious about losing weight.  Although I had not gained more than 5 pounds in more than 5 years (must have figured out how in/out to do that).  But having gone through a significant weight loss 'episode' in my life at least 2x (significant to me is 50 pounds).  I KNEW it was going to require extreme focus, perseverance, and radical decision making.    I started hearing and reading about the "Ketogenic" way of eating.   So me being me - I read about it - obsessed with need for information, science, rules, recipes, and real life people who tried and lived doing it.     The most common response was "I know someone that followed it and lost 100 pounds - and they kept it off for years" - that hooked me.  

Pinterest is one of the best sites for finding out all kinds of things about everything.  Really.   You can sit and consume hours accumulating 'pins' of links to people who have designed mini-websites with all kinds of information -inspiration - tips - experiences - both professional and through 'layman' experiences.    The amount of supplemental information about Keto eating (you don't call it a diet) - its a lifestyle for life.   Don't worry I also bought the "Ketogenic Bible" about the science off Amazon.  

Well I will tell you  -I have been experiencing EXACTLY what they said I would if I stuck with it.  I have lost more than 10 pounds EASILY - if you like to cook!    and that was in WEEKS - not months.  This week - I thought things would slow down - I lost 4 pounds.   I'm NOT going to any gym, trainer, using pills, or adding anything to the reason.   I just followed the very strict eating plan, enter my meals into a food diary daily and finding it the easiest weight loss I've ever experienced.    I say easy because I feel full - I am NOT hungry, craving or wishing that I could have the foods that are an absolute 'no' on this plan.    I was a 'pasta - pizza -popcorn' addict. Admittedly, I have shunned sugar as much as possible most of my adult life - from learning during my first weight loss 'program' like Weight Watchers.    Sugar is an absolute 'no' for now - and I'm not missing it.  I'm also not missing carbs - and discovered that I was probably eating 150-300 grams of carbs a day - and for the last 5 weeks I've stayed under 20!    

I want it to be known that I am NOT a Dietitian.  I did a LOT of reading about the science of this plan and thought it sounded 'too good to be true' - but as I'm experiencing it - I can tell my body is doing exactly like the science says it will.   The weight is coming off in my 'fat' areas first - so clothes are already changing in their fit - yeah!     

So I've been using Pinterest to find recipes - and there are hundreds.  There are all kinds of substitutes.  It is NOT a 'cheap' eating plan.  It is NOT like the Atkins with the 'eat all the protein you want'.  It is a 'high fat/ low carb' combination.   For me its being able to cook and eat the fats that satiates and curbs the hunger that I felt constantly when attempting a vegetarian eating plan (filled up on carbs) or tasteless foods when you have to avoid cooking with fats.   

BUT my reality check is that I have to STAY on this plan.   The amount of weight I need to lose is going to require commitment for the long haul and with knowing that - I discovered the concept of "Bullet Journals"  . . .   

Do you know what a Bullet Journal is?   or commonly referred to as a BUJO.   Its an artistic - creative form of journaling.  
I loved the idea - so my next Blog entry will be what it is and what it can help with!  
In the meantime,  I'm enjoying losing pounds and inches!!

Thanks for reading!
If you are interested in gaining support for a Weight loss challenge - CALL ME!   I've been through it - I know the challenges - resistance and frustration!    

Email: karenkehler@ptd.net.    or kehler1@gmail.com  -BEST WAY to reach me!  
Website: Kehlercounselingservices.com 

Cell/text : 570.640.9026
Office: 570.874.0808  

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