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The Bi-polar Experience - When to Get Help

Low Risk / Symptoms Present
Loss of sleep
Not able to sleep 24 hours
Staying up and out late despite other responsibilities
Not able to sleep 2-3 days
Feel and stating they feel ‘wired’
Irritability is obvious to others, may include verbal abuse
Irritability is inappropriate – now angry and violent.

Desire to be impulsive:
Using drugs –more of legal or illegal
Speeding/ Reckless driving
Sexual acting out

Medium Risk/ Symptoms Obvious:
Following through with impulsive thoughts:

When to Seek Help from a Professional

 You should get evaluated by a professional if you've hadfive or more of the following symptoms for more than two weeks or if any of these symptoms cause such a big change that you can't keep up your usual routine.....
When You're Depressed...
  • You feel sad or cry a lot and it doesn't go away.
  • You feel guilty for no reason; you feel like you're no good; you've lost your confidence.
  • Life seems meaningless or like nothing good is ever going to happen again. You have a negative attitude a lot of the time, or it seems like you have no feelings.

Ruby Slippers and Mental Health

I have never done a thorough 'study' ofThe Wizard of Oz.    Most of us haven't but most know that one of the core insights was that despite all the challenges that poor, lost Dorothy faced, all the scary situations, all the confusion in the end as Glenda the 'Good Witch' reveals -she had the ability to save herself all along. . . 

Over my years of counseling I have had numerous clients who were determined and persistent in their wanting to get better but believed that that solution - fix or stress management strategy -was going to come from me, a pill, someone

Shakespeare -Self - Addiction Connections


My mantra this year has been from Shakespeare – and the more I pay attention to it – the more I see it happen or not happen to my clients– the more I explore the role of fear and resistance the more I ‘get it’ – WHY this simple quote is so meaningful yet very challenging on a daily basis.   This is how it ‘works’ -  if youknowwho you are –it is very easy to ‘stay true’ – it is easier to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the good and bad – the people – places – events – things – situations – that either line up with what we value – or don’t.

He's/She's Home Now - What Do I Do?

Your loved one is finally home from "Rehab."   You may be scared to openly admit you're petrified about what to do next.   Like many family or loved ones of someone managing an addiction - you want to be helpful, encouraging, supportive and avoid all the mistakes of the past.  You're hoping to do it right this time.   I'm going to leave some clear instructions - specific ways you can make the transition successful.

Start with cleansing their environment - even before they arrive home.

7 Things to NOT Say to Someone with Anxiety

From Lindsay Holmes -Huffington Post

If you’ve ever suffered from severe anxiety, you’re probably overly familiar with the control it can have over your life. And you’re not alone -- it affects approximately 40 million adult Americans per year.Anxiety and panic disorders can cause ceaseless feelings of fear and uncertainty -- and with that suffering often comes comments that are more hurtful than helpful. According to Scott Bea, clinical psychologist and assistant professor of medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, while it usually comes from a heartfelt place, a lack of understanding from others can make working through a panic attack incredibly challenging.

Drug Addiction Support for Parents and Partners

I'm going to post more - because I want those worried about their kids using drugs to have good information - support - encouragement.  

These 2 sites are a place to start:


Intervene.drugfree.org - this site has FREE ebooks to download - one on Medications for Heroin Addiction.  

http://www.heroinabuse.us/-this site has easy to read Heroin basics. 

If you have insurance you can call Rehab facilities directly - yourself.   If you don't have insurance check your local county Mental Health agencies - ask for guidance and referrals - there are programs to begin the recovery process everywhere!

Home for the Holidays? Are your Elderly Parents really OK?

Tis the season, and off the 'grandmother's house we go' - and this might be the first or second time this year you actually get to visit.    If you don't live nearby - you may not really know if your parents are really 'ok' or 'fine' as they report to you. 

This Blog reveals some important things to be aware of - and how to identify real 'issues' without being demanding or controlling.  

Are You Worried about Caring for Aging Parents?

Are You Worried about Caring for Aging Parents?
  Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 10:28 PM
I'm posting this as a Boomer with aging parents.  I'm extremely lucky that my 80+ year old parents are both very active, engaged in their lives and healthy.  They are a tribute to what happens when you live a healthy lifestyle, have good genes and have an extended support system of neighbors, friends, family and community.   I should be confident that 'everything will be fine' but I also see daily doses of reality in my home and office.
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