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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

25 years ago I made the decision to become a Mental Health Counselor.  It was encouraged by a Pastor who saw me working with a couple dozen "Alley Kids" and my own statement of 'its sad that I enjoy what I do for free more than what I do for pay'.    Several of those kids had real mental health 'issues'  -most just assumed they were the 'bad' kids.    I intuitively knew different.
Since then - 1995 - I have been in the trenches of mental illness, addiction, grieving, community tragedies, headline events and the real stories that many don't know, won't know and can't know.

Why We Charge So Much for Therapy

Unlike many in my field I do hold 2 separate Business degrees. My Bachelors is in 'Retail Management' and served me well for more than 12 years - my second Graduate degree in Healthcare Administration helped more directly to understand the real costs of having a true professional, private practice.   It isn't about just the actual contact with clients that counts, there are thousands of dollars spent well before the first client takes a seat.   

A professional who maintains a strong mental health practice for 20 years quickly discovers that they have to maintain an office along with heating, cooling, water, safety/security, comfort, lighting, parking, snow removal, noise control as well as insurances, educational requirements, licensing and ethical regulations, and cover their own mortgages, student loan debts, and health insurance.

Getting Started

 I have decided that I should begin sharing some of the years of front line, front page and first responder  role that I have been witness to over the last 17 years.  This blog will give insight, guidance, revelation, and simplicity to the real life issues that have been in my office since 1995.   It may also bring laughter and irony - a mentally healthy person must be able to laugh at themselves first.  Remember that if you remember anything I ever write.
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