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Parenting Skills

What to Do This Summer

First put down your phone.    Really.  

Anyone born before the 80's knows that you really can have a summer without having a phone attached to your ear or palm.   We survived.  We had to be creative!   We also survived all those 'horrific' events of bug bites, poison ivy, seeing snakes, catching frogs, trips in the back of station wagon or pick up truck, discovering swimming holes, learning how to dive into mucky waters, card games, board games, Jarts(!), Kick the Can, numerous bikes (without motors), dragging our butts home bleeding from falls, jumps, and dares where a bunch of bandages, grilled cheese and tomato soup cured the pain .


It cannot be under-estimated how many consider suicide as an option as a way to deal with a crappy day, disappointment, ongoing trials, or seemingly hopeless situations.  It is much more common than anyone probably believes - as once you're thinking about it - you tend to increase your isolation, stop reaching out and stay contained in your own world that stays 'bad' as long as you're drowning in it.      

Here are specific ways to help a person who had the courage to share or you had the courage to ASK if they were feeling - thinking - planning suicide:

Are You Raising a Trophy Kid?

I got to catch up on my Netflix list this weekend and I can't help but share how the documentary: "Trophy Kids" is an absolutely MUST SEE if you are a parent!  

As much as the movie is about parents who want to raise trophy winning kids, and believe absolutely that their kid is worthy - if you're reading this - I want you to watch it and watch the teens WHILE THE PARENT IS TALKING!    What is going so wrong is how the parents never shut up!   I mean it.  I don't care if its sports, academics, careers or future expectations - it's NOT about the potential scholarships - these parents are so fear filled they don't take one minute to LISTEN!
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