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PINTEREST and Weight Management
Weight Loss Journey - for those over 50.
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Weight Loss Journey

Life in Keto Land

Soooooo. I don't know if you're curious or not - I haven't posted in a long time - because VIstaprint was disordered or dysfunctional - and I am still waiting for them to tell me it's 'fixed'. . . 
I am STILL FOLLOWING THE KETO WAY OF EATING.  I have dropped almost 3 full dress sizes.  
In fact I am so committed to it now that I feel like I forgot how I used to eat - graze - and fill up on lots of empty carbs.    I really thought that I would miss my food groups: pasta, pizza and popcorn - but I DO NOT AT ALL.

PINTEREST and Weight Management

I recently fell into the Pinterest  vacuum!  

I find it so much more refreshing and personalized than the stale news feed of Facebook!   I can only handle so much 'hating' or hundreds of wedding - baby - travel photos by posters.  Sorry but I can't 'do' much of any of that so I needed a diversion.  

On May 1st, I decided to get REALLY serious about losing weight.  Although I had not gained more than 5 pounds in more than 5 years (must have figured out how in/out to do that).

Weight Loss Journey - for those over 50.

This is going to be the start of regular entries on my personal experience of attempting to lose50 POUNDS.  
I  will share that I have done this once beforeI'm repeating my pattern - my last intense weight loss program was the year before my 50th Birthday - when the light bulb moment happened and I became determined to take off my extra weight.   
I was hellbent and determined and that is what I knew I needed to do for this round.
My warning is that if you are NOT - then wait until you are - losing 50+ pounds required sustained focus, perseverance, and making a LOT of minute to minute decisions and choices you may not have the ability to do because your life is filled with 1000 other stresses and issues.
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