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Fee Schedule 

Mission: Provide affordable - accessible - private -professional counseling to my community. 

 I take access to affordable services seriously.  Although I do not take any insurances, 

I will work with each individual according to their income level and age.  

 I discount  to encourage consistent treatment as I believe that building a strong, supportive relationship is priceless but the most effective element to satisfaction and success in the counseling process.   

I will give reduced fees for payments received in advance - more sessions - more discounting - up to 50% for ANY income level. 

I will reduce fee for those between 12-26 years old,  living at home with parents. 

I will reduce fees to Seniors over 65 on 'fixed' income.

I will reduce fee for those on Disability benefits.  

My 'low income' is $20,000 - if you fall under that annual gross income - I will reduce my fee.

I take ALL Major credit/ debit cards.  

If You HAVE Insurance:

If you want to use your insurance first there is a separate phone number on the back of your card.  Call that number and ask for APPROVED PROVIDERS in your driving area.  

This saves numerous phone calls!

Mental Health providers are contracted in advance (unlike MD's) so this phone call is necessary so your provider in 'in network' and your sessions are covered.  

I only do 'self-pay'.  

If you have a Health Savings Card: 

I am an 'approved' "Healthcare Provider" - so I can accept Visa/ Mastercards designed for healthcare costs provided by employers & insurers. 

Some do follow the same restrictions - and won't cover 'out of network'  but most do not have this limitation.  

Often these accounts allow you to pay for co-pays, 'non medical' costs, and pharmacy needs.   

My services fall into that category. 

If you can't afford my fees and don't have any insurances:

In Schuylkill County, PA we have multiple agencies that provide mental health and addictions counseling.


The Schuylkill County Drug/ Alcohol Program

Call: 570.621.2890 M-F 8:30-4:30pm

For Mental Health Assistance:

Schuylkill County MH/MR Office:



1.877.993.4357 - ACCESS Services

570.628.0152 -Crisis Intervention

570.622.3991 - Women in Crisis

First Session Cost

My first session cost is $150.

This is for a comprehensive 2 hour - face-to-face session.  You will not spend more than a few minutes filling out paperwork!   I do that work!  

I will be taking a history, exploring issues, and teaching right from the start.  Couples leave with a binder of a variety of tips and worksheets to review throughout their attendance.  I give out customized worksheets to individuals so learning doesn't stop at my office.  

Individual/ Couples Session Costs

I don't charge by number of people in the room - you can come with a partner, child, parent, co-worker,  and/or friend.   

My base fee is $75.  

See the above list for adjustments. 

You are also welcome to bring beverages!

Dress comfortably as well!  

Packages Available

I also can set up packages for

  Anger Management and 

Basic Addictions Education/ Relapse. 

I have worked with attorneys and the Justice system, as well as employers to provide programs for those encouraged to seek this help.  

Most are 10 Sessions - with a professionally designed approach.  
Discounts are given if paid in advance.  

Karen Kehler MA, MSHA Counseling Services

Phone: 570-640-9026


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