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Caring, Encouraging, and Empowering


Life Skills and Transitions

At Karen Kehler MA, MSHA Counseling Services in Frackville, Pennsylvania, I offer services designed to help individuals with developing communication skills. I also assist my clients in managing the challenges that come with life changes:

  • High School to College
  • College to Independence
  • Single to Marriage
  • Marriage to Divorce
  • Care of Elderly Parents
  • Medical Challenges/Chronic Illness Support
  • Career Decisions
  • Family Decisions – Pregnancies/Losses/
    Having Children/Stepchildren
  • Managing a Family Member With an Addiction or Mental Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Sexuality and Gender Issues

Specific Strategies For: 

  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety Reduction Strategies
  • Depression Management and Support
  • Chronic Pain and Support

Karen Kehler MA, MSHA Counseling Services

Phone: 570-640-9026


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